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Wed, Jan 22, 2020 4:41 PM

Photoshop 21.0.2: Preset tools not remembered between sessions

Hello, my config : Photoshop V21.0.2  ( pc windows 7)
My problem : When I open photoshop, I have systematically to load again my preset tools. As if photoshop does not keep them from a session to another, whereas all the other menus with my own specifc parameters are saved.

The window with the preset tools seems to reboot at each opening of the soft / photoshop.  The "brush" are in the "brush" window, I've also tried through the manager of preset parameters but nothing happens. From an session to another my preset tools disappear and are replaced by the reseting preset tools . 

 I also uninstalled and installed photoshop again, the problem remains the same.  Thank you in advance fo any idea or solution to solve my problem


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