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Wed, Nov 6, 2019 10:55 PM

Photoshop 21.0: New Transform / Warp will speed up work for sure. Nice!

Just tested the new Warp tool in 21.0. The ability to have a more dense grid works great and is something I wanted to see in Photoshop for a long time. It's essentially a liquify without having to go to the liquify screen, where I don't see the other layers unless I make up a backdrop. Will speed up work for sure. Nice!




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1 y ago

Great! We're glad you like it! Thank you for the feedback.

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Hi! There is a really strange Bug in the new Warp-Tool!

If I use a Pixel-Layer and try to pull down the handle, then the Edge get twistet...
This happens on Pixel-Layers only with Shape-Layers it's working like expected!

Here is a picture to show the Problem: