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Sat, Jan 18, 2020 6:37 PM

Photoshop 2020: Some SVG fonts are displayed with their top cut

When typing text with SVG font, it looks okay.


However, after I finish editing, the top is straight cut:

regardless the anti-aliasing (None, Crisp. Strong etc.)

I tried to restart photoshop, re-open the file, move the text, resize it... nothing helps. :(


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1 y ago

Wondering if your SVG fonts are only compatible with CC2017? I know that some are not compatible with anything newer with CC Photoshop. You might want to check the Creator to see if they have a updated version of that font. 



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1 y ago

Hi Kura,
If you try enabling Preferenes -> Performance -> Legacy Compositing, does that resolve the issue?  If so, are you placing your type layer in any kind of group layer?