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Mon, Nov 11, 2019 5:07 PM

Photoshop 2020: Previous settings were not imported

Hey there,

I double checked that "import previous settings" was checked while upgrade Photoshop CC 2019 to Photoshop 2020.
Although, none of my settings were migrated.

Have the problems on two different devices and over all programs - Id, Ai, Ps, etc.

I'm really pissed of on how Adobe doesn't get this managed correctly for years now.
How can the transfer be assured?

Every version I have to go back to a CC 2015 settings folder I saved and take them over to the new versions, which cannot be good.

My programs are completely modified - menus with colours, scratch discs changed, unites changed, colours of the item boxes modified, shortcuts modified.

I'm really pissed of for now, settings this all up from scratch.

Anyone with the same issue or advice, what I might do wrong while updating? Don't tell me to save my settings regularly - f*cking Office for 20 bucks a years can save my settings within the last three versions, so why not Adobe?

Hope to hear some advice from you or a developer.

Best wishes,


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1 y ago

It is not your fault. Please vote here in this 9 years old topic and seconds most requested not-implemented feature: https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/the_missing_link_in_photoshop

3rd party developers could come up with a custom solution. I even have Photoshop settings parser (binary encoder/decoder) to/from JSON so I could get you changes in settings and merge them with default PS settings. But you could imagine that Adobe will want to do this feature and then our hard work would worth nothing. 

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1 y ago

Hi Florian,

There should be a log here with details about why settings migration did not work for you:

On Windows:   %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Adobe
Mac:   $HOME/Library/Logs/Adobe<br>
Preset syncing is something on our radar.

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