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Tue, Nov 12, 2019 3:47 PM


Photoshop 2020 creates a copy instead of owerwrite jpg files.

When I save out a jpg file on top of an existing jpg to overwrite, Photoshop makes a new file with a " copy" in the end of the filename instead of owerwrite the original. Its extremely frustrating and it it is a huge part of the Photoshop to Indesign daily workflow for most graphics artists.

Photshop even gives me the popup saying that the file already exists and asks me if I want to replace it. I click "Replace" or "Overwrite" or whatever it is in english, and it creates a copy instead. And my linked jpg file in my Indesign layout of course isn't updated automatically and I have to find the file, delete the original and the rename the new copy so it has the same name as the original. This is a pretty huge game breaker in my daily workflow.

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a year ago

Hi, there's already an ongoing thread on this
I believe it hasn't been solved yet, as I have the exact same issue, as well as many others