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Sun, Nov 17, 2019 10:06 PM

Photoshop 2020: Crashes and doesn't fully recover

Since updating to 2020, I get at least two crashes every 8 hours of work and it will only recover the oldest loaded document if more than one document was open at the time of the crash. Prior to 2020 I rarely had Photoshop crash and even when working on several documents they were all recovered where I'd left off. Now it recovers the oldest and seems to leave off the last two or three steps prior to the crash. This has been consistent now through a dozen crashes in the past few days since upgrading to 2020 on the new iMac. I am not having this issue on an older MacBook Pro i7 running Catalina by the way. Just the new 5k iMac.


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2 y ago

Hi Jeffrey, I'm not seeing in our crash system from you. 
Ifyou haven't done so already, please submit all Crash Reports along with youremail address:

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2 y ago

Jeffrey Tranberry mine continually crashes as well, and there is no "submit report' like there used to be. It's just freezing up. I have to Control Alt Delete and force quit the program, so there isn't a crash report. It's freezing 8 times a day!

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2 y ago

Interesting. Updated when 2020 came out. First time last night I've ever had photoshop freeze and lose a completed file on me. Had a number of files open, layers in all suddenly became empty or transparent (at least on screen), left it for an hour and when I returned it was still there, frozen. I had to force a close and lost a file I had worked on for an hour or two. No option to report the freeze/crash or whatever it was. Disappointing and worrying and hope it is not a sign of things to come.

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1 y ago

I keep losing custom swatches and custom brushes after Photoshop 2020 crashes. It's like Photoshop goes back in time a week or so each time. Is there a way to get recent swatches or brushes back?