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Mon, Nov 26, 2018 11:04 AM

Photoshop 2019 refuses to place images when the resolution is low

Sometimes we receive images with enough pixels (6000x4000 e.g), but with the resolution set to 1 px/inch, for some reason. These images won't be placed by Photoshop, without mentioning why it refuses to do so. Setting the resolution mannually, to 72 px/inch or higher (without resampling) and Saving, resolves the problem. The newly saved images can be placed.

But the question remains: why doen Photoshop give up in the first place?


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2 years ago

If the image contains resolution info then PS tries to resize placed image in order to match document dimensions. I think you can't turn it off. You could try PSB instead of PSD where max document dimension is much bigger.

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2 years ago

6000 x 4000 px at 1 ppi is about 15 x 10 meters - maybe something there?