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Wed, Feb 13, 2019 4:23 PM

Photoshop 2019 (20.0.2) 3d drawing, lag on only one side of a panorama.

After upgrading to 20.0.2, I've ran into trouble with Photoshop's 3d drawing. When making a spherical panorama, drawing in one half of the image works smoothly, but the other half is laggy.
Here's a short video displaying the problem:

To reproduce this, just open a new photoshop image (I used 4000x2000) and use 3D, Spherical Panorama, New Panorama Layer from Selected Layers. Then just draw circles with the brush tool while rotating around horizontally. Did not have this issue with previous version of Photoshop (19.1.7).


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a year ago

Is there a fix for this? The problem still happens with the current version of Photoshop (20.0.6).