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Fri, Nov 17, 2017 10:16 PM



Photoshop 2018: "Export as" Image size scales incorrectly

Since updating to Photoshop 2018, I find that when trying to save a picture using "Export as", after entering the image dimensions, it will change 1 by 1 pixel and give a message:

"The image dimensions cannot scale exactly as entered and have been rounded. For an exact size, please use Canvas Size or scale the layer and layer effects in the document"

This worked fine in Photoshop 2017. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish here, but this is a massive anti-feature.

Using Canvas Size doesn't scale my image, it adds a white line to one side.

What's worse is the message is unclear, and there are mathematical errors with the scaling in certain situations.

I have an image I cropped to 3:4 ratio, 1984 * 2645px, and I want to export it to 360 * 480px, but it keeps changing it to 359 * 480px

360/480 is closer to 1984/2645 than 359/480 is. It's actually about 360.05 / 480.

I thought maybe it was trying to scale exactly to the percentage in the "scale" field, but it shows 18.14%, which would be about 359.8976 / 479.803, so should round to 360/480.

Trying to change the percent, I realize, it's correct when I enter "18.14", but once I add the % sign, or hit enter, change focus, etc., and Photoshop adds the percent sign, it misscalculates.

I tried with an 1800*2400px image, and it works at 360*480, but if I change it to 359, it changes to 359*478 (should be 359*479), then on changing focus, it changes to 362*482 and "scale" says 19.94%.

As a web designer, this is a major part of my image workflow.

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