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Tue, Nov 20, 2018 6:36 PM

Photoshop 20.1 frequently freezes during Open + GPU problems

Starting without plugins and reset preferences gave no success. I've found that PS would
freeze the moment I click on "Open" button on the Home screen or click
on the background two times to open the files. The only solution was to start the task manager and close the program. Sometimes I have to repeat the same process 3-4x of restarting and closing for PS to work properly.

I also had several issues with video driver stalling during working with many images at once and with Adobe Lightroom Classic opened in the background. Do note that these issues are not related to each other! But I used this thread to report both issues.

I've set Performance to 70% of 16GB ram, degrading from Advanced to Normal GPU usage and usual Normal/Photo history values.

Using W10, latest updates, Nvidia GTX1060 GPU, latest driver. Photoshop and LR Classic both newest versions. Both PS & LRC were cleanly installed directly from CCloud with deleted past versions.

- PS freezing during first opening of files happens in approx. 1 out of 5.
- GPU drivers crashing because of many files in PS happens fairly frequently when LRClassic is opened in the background. That happened on Advanced GPU setting, still have to test with Normal.

I never had these problems with past versions of PS & LR and sadly this is the least stable version of PS in a while.


120 Messages


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2 years ago

Ok, since no replies, I have tested further on my own.

Freezing happens exclusively when trying to Open files (right after freshly starting of PS). The Open button highlights and PS hangs without ever opening the Open menu.

It seems to be related to GPU usage. I have tested it by downgrading Advanced -> Normal -> Basic and restarting PS after each new setting, but without success. PS would still hang. I had to uncheck the entire usage of GPU for PS and suddenly there was no freezing!

And that's very unfortunate. My GPU is Nvidia GTX 1060 with 6GB ram and it greatly supports the rendering and working of Photoshop.

No other Photoshop version had any problems with it, nor do I have problems in the games or LRClassic.  I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers, freshly installed without any previous leftovers by using DDU.

This is exclusively a PS v20.x bug related to this GPU or bugging Nvidia driver that still didn't fully support PS 2019.

Hope it would help devs to pinpoint the issue.