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Sat, Jun 29, 2019 9:08 PM

Photoshop 20.0.5: Original document outline left when using Select and Mask (Mac)

When creating a selection using the "Select and Mask" tool and performing refinements the selection is then output to "New Layer with Layer Mask" or "New Document with Layer Mask". When this new layer and mask are dragged into a new document the selection is obviously visible but so is a very very fine outline of the original document.
If I then apply the layer mask the outline disappears! 
If I output from "Select and Refine" to the Selection then "Add a Layer Mask". Then drag the layer into a new document then all is well, there is no original outline!
This only became apparent after some considerable time working on a collection of images and a lot of time has been spent to find a work around.
It is also apparent on a colleagues Mac.
My question is, is this a known problem, is there a fix, if not when will it be fixed and is there another work around?



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2 y ago

Maybe I am misunderstanding you but you create a selection and apply a layer mask and the selection goes away? That is normal. To remake the selection, just CMD + CLICK on the mask or channel and it will become an active selection again. 

If this isn't what you mean, sorry.