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Sun, Apr 14, 2019 2:40 PM

Photoshop 20.0.4: Healing brush works incorrectly using pattern

Hi folks!

Using PS 20.0.4

For fine-retouching photos I usually have a contrast layer on top of everything, to make spots and so more easily visible. I encountered an issue using the healing brush in that scenario.

When I have selected any »pattern« as a source for healing, there’s a problem.
The brush partly ignores the »sampled« setting:

Having selected »current and below«, it does sample all visible layers (also the contrast layer on top).

Layer configuration is like this:
[Contrast increasing Layer] <- In that special case it’s a blurry inverted version of the source photo on »vivid light«
[Empty retouching layer] <- here I paint on with the healing brush
[Background layer] <- that’s the unretouched photo.

Could you check on that?





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2 y ago

 i haven't seen this issue before, but try enabling or disabling the Legacy Compositing pref in Performance.

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2 y ago

Hi Sebastian,

Is the behavior you're seeing different between the Photoshop 20.x and prior versions? (e.g. 19.x, 18.x) 

Following your set-up, I get the same results, even in an older versions going back to CS6.

If you're seeing something unique to Photoshop 20.x, I might need to get a file from you and some more details to make sure I have the exact steps to repro.