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Mon, Feb 12, 2018 9:40 PM

Photoshop 19.1.0 OS X update introduced some UI bugs that have existed on Windows for years

Since updating to 19.1.0 on my Mac I've been experiencing some annoying UI bugs that have existed on Windows for a long time. There are a few, but they all relate to focus being stolen or kept improperly by UI elements. It's not 100% reproducible but happens fairly often. For example, with the brush tool selected, clicking on a Hue/Sat layer, then pressing V to switch to Move. But, when I click on the H/S layer, the Hue text box activates (becomes blue and has the cursor), so the "V" doesn't go through, as it is trying to type it into that field, which doesn't accept letters. To switch to the move tool, I have to first press Escape to exit the text field, then press V. Similarly, if I click the layer and press the "5" key to reduce its opacity to 50%, instead the hue will be set to 5. Undo, escape, press 5 again.. This is the only situation I can think of off hand, but I think there have been others. All similar though


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