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Wed, Sep 4, 2019 1:17 AM

Photos saved to older folder when opened from home screen

My workflow is to do all editing on a work image, then duplicate that image to create the image I will be printing / delivering.

So I open an image from client folder A and do some editing, close it and edit an image from client folder B - take lunch and then open the client A image from the home screen ... when I duplicate that image to crop/resize for needed output and then save it, it defaults to Client B's folder instead of client A's folder (because Photoshop remembers the last folder location from using File > Open - or the Open button on the home screen).

I am suggesting Photoshop should also remember the last location when opening images from the home screen. I can't confidently use the home screen to open recent images because when I get to working quickly I find images saved to the wrong folders ;) Not the end of the world just too bad ... wanted to at least plant this seed somewhere in case it might be a help ;) ...



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2 y ago

I agree, default for all programs is and should be save to same location from whence opened; at least have a user option to act that way.  Regardless of process/method/path used to select and open the image.