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Wed, Jun 14, 2017 11:28 AM

Photo shop 7 wont save on a new computer saying scratch disc is full

I have just had to have a new computer (windows 10) and tried to install my disc and key with Photoshop 7 which seems to download OK. Then when I do work on it it will not save as its says C.Users cannot save because the disc is full, but it is not as it is a brand new computer. Ive tried defragging and re-loading but it still wont save, any ideas please?


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3 years ago

It sounds like the place your saving too is right protected. Have you tried a different location or drive?

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3 years ago

Howdy Dick,

Are you sure that you're actually using Photoshop 7.0?  I ask because that's fantastically old software and I wouldn't be surprised at all if it doesn't functional correctly on Windows10.

PS7 came out in 2002, before type on a path, scripting, smart objects, or even red-eye filters were invented.  It ran on OSX 10 and 10.1 because those were the only flavors of Mac OS that existed.  Similarly, it ran on Windows XP or ME, neither or which are even remotely supported today.  That's ten major releases on Mac and four on Windows -- neither company supports more than two for their own software.  In hardware terms, it would be like trying to connect a rotary phone to a cellular network -- the concepts are similar, but nearly every piece of equipment is multiple generations removed, rendering them compatible only with luck.

Have you considered getting a newer version?  We've probably added more features in the last 15 years than all the features we shipped with combined back then...


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3 years ago

Photoshop 7 cannot see disks with more than 1 TB of free space.
The problem was fixed in photoshop cs and newer.

So if your C drive has more or around 1TB  free space that could be cause of your issue.

So the question is how much free space is on your C drive?