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Sun, Aug 11, 2019 3:19 PM


Perspective tool for the artist?

The photoshop audience is not designers only. Photoshop now is industry standard for 2d artist too. But we don't have the right tools for our job. We need to use many "kludges" to resolve our problems. Perspective request has existed for more than 6 years.   No perspective, no alternative from adobe. Situation with the color wheel was the same (release in cc 2019).

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a year ago

Try using Corel Painter 2020, free trial, has all perspectives adjustable guides along with pens pencils markers well as painting brushes of all styles and everything is user adjustable. Accepts and produces .psd file format.

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a year ago

Corel Painter has all that, but it's also a very, very complex expensive program with a learning curve that easily rivals PS, and a very expensive upgrade  annually—assuming you want to stay current with each release. If the poster's painting needs are met by Photoshop, and PS does go quite a long way, then buying into Corel Painter for the sake of a few simple interface tools, such as perspective grids/tools, and better ways to create palettes/select color seems like a lot, and little enough for PS to add to its own painting features.

Illustrator added perspective a long time ago. But then again, Illustrator also offered up much better features for working with color and gradients than PS has offered. PS has recently done a fair bit to revive painting. Adding a bit more technology that Adobe already offers shouldn't be such a big ask, but it would probably involve Adobe being willing to hire a few more people to do so in any kind of timely fashion, and maybe making desktop software a bit more of a priority than all the "stay connected everywhere" mobile projects are allowing that to become. And yes, I do like having mobile software, too—we just can't have it all without Adobe investing more in people. The ones there aren't twiddling their thumbs for lack of anything to do.