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Mon, Mar 23, 2020 10:24 PM


Perspective Drawing + Rulers

So I work in animation and I have to draw a ton of backgrounds in perspective (cities, interiors ect). I really feel it  would be so helpful to me and bunch of other artist in general if photoshop had an updated drawing ability to do "perspective drawing/rulers" thats fairly common in most art programs these days. Infact I usually just use procreate if i can (or lazy nazumi when working on a windows pc) now to save time now drawing because of the robust drawing/ features but would rather stay on my big cintiq using photoshop!   Photoshop is so advanced in many editing features but has been behind on this particular perspective drawing feature that would be pretty helpful for such a long time and it would really make drawing backgrounds so much easier.

Actually on one production Im on they  literally make us use a physical wooden ruler on our cintiqs for certain natural stroke looks while other programs like sketchbook pro/clip studio have built in rulers. So I hope you all can consider adding this. Thank you very much for listening.

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8 months ago

You're looking for something other than Vanishing Point?

// Warren Heaton, ACP/UGM/AEL

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8 months ago

I'd like to simply be able to use perspective grids same as in most other programs. I've used VP plenty of times and it's terrific for some things, but not a true substitute for being able to create a non-printing perspective grid for drawing and painting. I have used Illustrator for that, but something flexible and user-defined would be a good idea inside PS.