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Fri, Nov 24, 2017 1:57 PM

PDF Import Large Documents

- import a pdf to photoshop which has large size (e.g. 746 x 216 mm, 62 mb, with a lot of graphics) 
- change the resolution in 1200 dpi in the import-options
- error message pops up: Number between 0,01 and 67,73 is necessary..
- photoshop changes width 74,6 cm to 67,73 cm; height still stays at 21,6 cm...
So the picture is scaled unproportional...
The main problem: If I import the pdf to photoshop and 1200 dpi is already in preset from a previous import Photoshop don't show a message about the (unproportional) scaling of the document.
That's really dangerous... :/


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