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Fri, Nov 30, 2018 4:26 PM

Out of RAM for Photoshop C2019 - struggling even with 16GB

I tried using Content-aware fill and got the message in the screenshot.


Notice this:

Efficiency is 100%

Memory usage by PS is only 3,6GB's with 78% memory being used overall (totally normal).

YET, I got this error message by PS.

There's no sense that allocating 75% memory to PS (11GB), it refuses
to do a simple content-aware fill when only 3,6GB is used for PS with 78% memory used in total. It's like Photoshop freaks out when PC memory usage goes beyond 80%.

I wouldn't mind if PS would do Content fill slowly, but totally refusing to do with "no memory" message breaks it for me.

My usual workflow:

Opened in the background:


Adobe Lightroom Classic

Working in: Photoshop CC 2019

About 8-10 imported 30mpix RAW files from LR to PS. No layers, except temporal ones that are soon flattened. Working with images start out nicely but soon PS clogs if I try editing every opened image simultaneously. When I reach to about 5th or 6th image, PS is falling apart and Alienskin Exposure is already reporting errors. Trying to use history brush reports "out of RAM" after a while. Firefox also has crashing tabs. Task manager reports 94-97% memory usage.

 It worked without problems in previous PS & LR versions.


W10, 16GB ram, Scratch disk 480GB free. Also 6GB of DDR5 video memory. I did install CC 2019 from scratch, disabled plugins and reset the preferences.


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