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Sat, Jan 26, 2019 11:42 PM

Obsolete line tool in Photoshop CC and whatnot !!! Adobe devs, you MUST read THIS !!

I really want to point out that it's useless to charge more for the software(Photoshop CC) if you can't fix already known bugs and improve some functionalities !!
Guys, windows version of Photoshop CC needs lots of rework.

I'll start by mentionning this : it is still IMPOSSIBLE to loop undos steps by holding down the assigned key shortcut(why is it possible to loop undos in liquify mode and not in normal mode ?).
Aside from that, the line tool sucks ! Especially when you want to build lines using pen presure on a graphic tablet. You have to replace/improve the obsolete multi-point method that works so hardly to get your pressure to build up perfectly along straight lines. 

Anyway here's a summary of photoshop cons you didn't fix for more than two years now !

> no native perspective guides suitable for painting(lack of a snap to guide functionality when you paint strokes; also you can not generate rasterized vanishing points and other elements related to perspectives);
> line tool is obsolete( Krita's line tool is more efficient and easier to use; instead of using a typical multi-point/multi-click method, you hold down a key and from a starting point, you build your stroke given your pen pressure; moving the cursor  will change the line's direction, you release the previously held key to leave your line stroke rasterized on the canvas);
> photoshop has no layers in indexed color mode...; programs like Cosmigo Pro Motion NG, Aseprite, VirtualTek's Fighter Factory 3, offer the functionality so you can't say it's impossible to implement.

To help you a bit about the perspective tool(and not the perspective wrap tool in the current version of the software), here's a description of how it should look like( check the provided link )...



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