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Wed, Aug 10, 2016 8:13 PM

Numeric Targa Extensions

Had a long conversation with Adobe Chat Support, who was unable to assist, and was told to pass along my problem to the devs and was given link to here.  My problem, in CS2 I was able to edit product images, use "save as" targa and could give it a numeric extension eg. 1234567.1 Then at a later date, still be able to pull those same images up and edit them again by using "open as" targa. So they are targa images just without having a .tga extension. I can no longer do this in CC . Can I get a fix for this please?


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5 y ago

I think that naming a file of any type with custom extension is custom postprocessing and not following the standarts. And since Potoshop is an image processing tool and "save" is a sub-tool - its not their responsibility to handle "your custom file format"(because extension is a part of it) until you make your own fili format adaptor.
Here goes a question about platform extensibility by third parties. There should be a modern API for comunity extensions and don't tell me that that jsx bullshit can be as effective as Vulcan shaders or GLSL or C# (they can learn from Unity3d).