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Thu, Feb 7, 2019 10:53 AM


Node based editing option

A big problem in photoshop is the inability to update things within a comp quickly. We seem to have to do things in a very manual way.

I'd like to see the implementation of somethng to speed up this process. At present I'm utilising linked smart objects that are 32bit files to an 8bit image.

I know i'm not the only one working with files at this level, i know of 1000's of studios across the world working with the same general pipeline.

Compositing packages such as nuke have some great solutions which would be amazing to see in photoshop. Practically every VFX software these days has a node graph so its not alien to people anyone.

It feels like photoshop has taken the place of photoshop elements and the power users are just being ignored 




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2 y ago

Some kind of smart-object-map would be AMAZING... once you start nesting smart objects, their connections are broken... you are just making metroshka dolls, not networks... and linked objects always cause problems during handoffs or even just between mac and pc.