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Fri, Sep 9, 2016 4:48 PM


New Photoshop UI - TERRIBLE! Poor visibility, contrast, icons still too small.

Dear Adobe,

You created this online community for our input, but I really don't think anyone at your offices is actually reading or listening to our comments. I was part of a similar thread about this topic that to date has literally hundreds of comments about the poor user interface and contrast in the new version of Photoshop. That thread did not receive a single reply from Adobe.

As someone over age 40, with eyes that focus on your software all day, the new "look" of Photoshop is absolutely unusable and a step backwards. In addition, you still have offered a larger icon set and text/menu fonts for those on a retina screen. That is a simple fix and your party line is "change your monitors resolution". If my shoe doesn't fit, I don't change the size of my foot. 

I am writing this thread with the hop you will ADDRESS our concern and FIX the interface and restore it to it's somewhat legible previous version. You have a monopoly on design software and are starting to behave like Microsoft. And look where they are now...

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Photoshop CC 2015.1: New user interface lacks contrast and many usability cues, lots of other problems


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