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Thu, Mar 14, 2019 2:17 PM


New Brush Panel Features (Please)

Here are some much needed features for the Brush Panel and a few for the Actions Panel:

1. The ability to color code brushes to better organize them or to mark our favorites, or to mark entire brush categories. For example, maybe I'd make erasers one color, and brushes with multiply blend mode another color. Or maybe I'd mark my favorite brushes a certain color for easier identification.

2. The ability to rate Brushes from 1 to 5 stars. Again this is just a way to better identify favorite brushes at a glance. If this feature was added you should be able to sort by rating.

3. The Brush Panel should ha e a built in search function that limits the visible brushes to the search criteria. For example, say you have a bunch of brushes with the word 'pencil' in them if you searched this word all of your brushes with said word would be left populating the window. This would make finding specific brushes so much easier and more intuitive (especially if you know their names...)

4. Ability to convert selected ABR Brushes to Tool Presets (TPL). Even though Brushes are superior and the better way to use brushes (not to mention Adobe is basically phasing out TPL) it's painful having to convert brushes and brush sets back to TPL just for users who have older versions of Photoshop. Tool presets already have a quick atuo convert to ABR format, we really need the same in reverse for quality of life. This is especially useful for those of us that sell brushes to the community.

5. The added ability to 'tear off' and group Brushes to make a floating quick access panel of brushes that your are currently using would be absolutely amazing. A total game changer. Right now the system is cumbersome and it's really hard to go back and forth between brushes especially if you have tons of brushes and folders. If you could tear Brushes off the panel and make shortcut quick access floating or docked mini panels that would be amazing. Maybe you could save the mini panels by certain names and the labels would be listed at the top the panel. For example maybe you have certain brushes and tools that you use for sketching maybe you could make a sketch set of commonly used early process Brushes. Note that when you 'tear off' Brushes from the Brush Panel window the brush doesn't actually leave the panel, a shortcut for the brush is just made as you drop it anywhere in the screen in the form of a floating (dockable) custom window.

6. Please for the love of God add Brush properties to Javascript and scripting in general. I'm talking for the ability of a script to affect the Brushes blend mode, opacity, flow, etc. Currently there is no command to dictate any of these features and it would be a game changer if scripting could control this. One reason that I'd really like to be able to access these settings via scripting is I'd love to make scripts called by actions to simply change the blend mode of the currently selected brush to any of my specified favorite blend modes rather than having to click the drop down menu at the top. It'd be so awesome to just be able to quickly press buttons I've made in the Actions Panel rather than going through a drop down menu.

7. Speaking of Actions... The Actions Panel hasn't been updated in a long time. I love viewing my actions in button mode but I can't stand the serious limitations here. We need the ability to tear off actions into separate savable quick access panels. Some actions I always want access to and other I don't. It'd be absolutely amazing to be able to drag out actions into custom panels because it'd vastly I prove quality of life and work flow. For example I could have my tiny scripting brush blend mode chabge buttons docked permanently on my screen and a set of other commonly used actions docked elsewhere.

I'd truly appreciate feedback from Adobe reps regarding these ideas. As someone who has used Photoshop for more than half of my life I'd absolutely love to see these changes be made. If I missed any obvious Brush Panel improvements let me know and I'll add them here (assuming this is even editable after I post).


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Hello, for me, what would be even more useful as soon as we can create folders in lists, would be to be able to open them in "SOLO" mode like the menus in Lightroom Classic, it would already be possible to have a display more refined.