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Tue, Nov 14, 2017 9:23 PM

My Fill tool stopped working a while ago.

My Fill tool stopped working a while ago. 

I have several saved patterns with which I used to regularly fill selected areas, but now it won't work. I can still create patterns, and I can still see them in my pattern picker, but when I click in the selected area, it appears to be thinking about filling, then nothing happens. It makes no difference if the layer is a brand new layer or an existing layer. I do not try to fill background layers or text layers.... I just choose the gradient tool, then switch from foreground to pattern, then click within the selected area... Nope! 

If I do not switch to pattern, the tool will fill with the foreground color. This makes me wonder if the program is looking in the wrong place for the patterns? But I don't know where to look for the path. 

Please help!



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3 years ago

Kyle. what version PS and operating system are you using. PS 19.0 was just released yesterday and fill with pattern is working here