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Sat, Sep 29, 2018 10:03 PM


Modifier to modify hand tool to rotate view tool? Any modifier free?

While using space to modulate the active tool to hand tool. Is there simultaneously a modifier free?

Ie. on brush tool: SPACE = hand tool, SPACE + * = rotate view tool.



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2 years ago

You probably could do it with

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3 months ago

Realise this is an old thread but there has been a solution to this for years already.

Leave spacebar as the hand tool. And remap the 'H' key to rotate view. Not really sure why adobe set the H key by default to the hand tool as it's a duplicate of the space bar.

Once done, if you are using another tool (path for example), if you hold H, rotate your view while still holding H, photoshop will return back to your previous tool (path in this example) once you release the H key. Super handy.

Photoshop 21.2.0 has a bug where the Rotate view actually jumps away from the center of where you are rotating. This only occurs with overscroll off in prefs. Hopefully this will be fixed.