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Sat, Feb 17, 2018 4:10 AM

Minor Issue! Photographs side ways are blurry when uploaded to Facebook!

I got a Canon Rebel T5 and when I take photographs on both auto focus and manual focus the pictures turn out great and clear. I upload them to Photoshop they are fine, edit them save. I then upload them to Facebook and they arent as clear and are a tiny blurry! the lines arent as sharp as it looks when I see them on my camera, or on Photoshop or in my photos folder on my laptop. This issue only happens for my vertical pictures, but my horizontal ones look clear,great and fine. When I used light room the horizontal ones never were blurry but they were also shot as a .jpeg. So I don't no if this is a size issue?.jpeg vs raw image isssue? or adobe vs lightroom issue? any thoughts on what it is?


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