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Wed, Aug 22, 2018 11:54 PM

Metadata of 300Byte PNG file is 8.9 MBytes

When saving a PNG from Photoshop, most of the time it produces PNG files with 8.9MB as a file size. When filing this bug to Apple it turned out that the metadata of the png file contains over 130.000 entries of photoshop (see attached file). 

This can't be intentional and is problematic especially in bigger projects I hope this can be addressed. Unfortunately I can't upload the png in question because 8.9MB exceeds the 2MB limit


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2 years ago

You can use either File>Export As or File>Export>Save For Web and and uncheck Metadata.

see here for more info:



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2 years ago

What JEA said. Also as a side note, the corrupted document ancestors data is saved in the PSD and also in every smart object inside that psd, so you can end up with a 2gb file that should only be  100mb. 

I narrowed it down to a subset of CC2017 versions of photoshop. 2015 and 2018 don't have that problem as long as you start a new doc.