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Tue, Oct 23, 2018 8:50 AM

measure distance changes - using CTRL

I understand that this is a rather complicated bug, however it makes it difficult when making (dare i say it) **~~--pixel perfect--~~**... designs. This is also a bug i have seen for quite a few years now, pretty much from day 1 of the distance tool, so apologies for the delay

say i have some text next to an icon (like this lovely image below)

If i have the icon selected, then hold ctrl and mouse over the text, it shows 8px
If i have the text selected, then hold ctrl and mouse over the icon, it shows 7px

I hope that makes sense?
its nothing overly straining, it just means that when it comes to aligning text, sometimes it doesn't actually look right even though the distance is "bang on" so to speak...

Much loves,

Just to give a bit more detail, in this example, I'm using font Open Sans, font size 15, with font render "Crisp"


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2 years ago

I wouldn't know how to fix this, but I think it is obvious that the underlying problem lies in Photoshop's "definition" of the extent of text. In particular, when you select text, it makes a box one pixel wider than the text, but when you ask the distance to the text, it goes all the way to the text, so it will always have a one pixel difference arising from these two interpretations of the edge of the text. If you are pixel-detailed, you should just remember this difference until something changes. And you should be able to compensate for this anomaly although it requires more thinking while thinking that you don't have to! I guess the "correct" answer about the distance is the larger number, since that's the distance between the non-white pixels.

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Thanks for your reply,

What i'm actually thinking of more is the ever increasing popularity to use things like Zeplin, where i palm my designs off to developers and then they specifically put in either what they see or what they are told by the distance tool, and then it becomes tiresome when they accidentally hard code a 1px extra space when they shouldn't have. - i'm more than used to it by now, as its what i do day in, day out, but i also don't think i should just sit on it without at least bringing it up. (this also isn't a common occurrence, as they should really know that if 90% of everything is 12px padding but one line is 11px)

And in all honesty, i don't really have the answer either on what it should or shouldn't do, so i'll leave that with the photoshop dev team, but i think it should be addressed, as 2 numbers for the same distance isnt really correct, it should read both objects as a standard. how it does that, no idea... but i agree with you that the "correct" answer in my head is the larger number