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Fri, Nov 3, 2017 3:52 AM

Massive Photoshop 2018 problems.

I don't know what adobe did but the kerning is now not working. when you place in a value it jumps numbers all over the place and wont take the number you put in. And most of all I use to save  8 1/2 x 11 pages as jpegs at 96 DPI and 1200 DPI and it always saved them under 1 meg and now its saving them as almost 9 meg files. I'm doing nothing different at all but the way its saving is unacceptable. Really not liking the new update but can't even use the 2017 version because when I did the cloud update it got rid of the 2017 version. Does anyone know why the saving a jpeg is no saving the files this large?


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4 y ago

The bugs are being address, however in the mean time you can still download and install the 2017 version or a previous one.  Open the cc app and click on all apps. In the icon next to PS it says open with a down arrow. click the arrow and choose other versions. You will find previous PS there and you can install it along side of 2018

FYI, on the next update choose advance options and it will give you the choice of keeping installed versions.

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I made a graphic that illustrates what to click on to keep CC2017 installed when updating to CC2018.

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