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Thu, Apr 13, 2017 5:32 AM

Liquify filter changes areas I haven't touched

It happens randomly, but after I make some adjustments with the liquify filter I find that the image is being distorted in areas I haven't even touched.

I always use it as smart filter on a smart object, so I can't say whether it happens also when used on a rasterized layer.

I'm on CC 2017. System is Win7, graphic card is gtx 770 with updated drivers.
Thank you

p.s. I should add that I have updated PS to the latest release and that this behavior has been present since liquify became a smart filter.





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3 years ago

yeah, Liquify has been broken for a decade. If you crop or change the canvas size, the Liquify mesh will jump around. The only fix is to wrap your SO inside another SO and Liquify that... come on Adobe!