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Fri, May 18, 2018 10:23 AM

Liquefy is broken since CS6, pressure disapears on most strokes and alt+right click makes the brush jiggle during several seconds.

Liquefy is nearly unusable due to these 2 bugs that appeared after CS6, the jiggle is like if someone grabs your stylus and shakes it for 2-3 seconds, it's very uncomfortable to have to wait between each alt+right resize as the idea behind alt+right is to be super fast.

The second problem is just that some of your brush strokes lose pressure sensitivity, totally ruining the liquefy mesh you're working on, every 5-10 seconds.

A lot of friends just don't use CC for this, as the last version with stable Liquefy tool is CS6 I believe, have to try the first versions of CC though, but that wouldn't solve anything as I really want to use CC 2018 for the symmetry tool that I use quite often.

Maybe just adding a Legacy Liquefy ? like a second liquefy that's just a copy paste of the code of the old one, I just have to swap between CC and CS6 it's horrible.

I know it's been 8 years and I could have this before but it's still a huge bug as liquefy is very broadly used.


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