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Thu, May 29, 2014 4:38 PM


Linked Smart Objects with selectable states (determined by layer comps in the linked file)

OK, so we have linked smart objects now - sweet. But is there a way to take it a step further to combine smart objects with Layer Comps so that I can select different states of a linked smart object? For example - if I am building a webpage with smart objects that link to a header that contains all of my navigational elements - it would be amazing if I could create layer styles for dropdowns/active states etc etc and then be able to select them at will from the linked smart object so that it wouldn't require the save that changes the link across multiple pages (since I normally build out each unique page in it's own file). Just thought it would be a cool idea. Possibly undoable and/or un-useful to many. Linked files are already making me happier on a day to day basis - so this would just be icing.

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