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Sat, Nov 25, 2017 10:02 AM


Linked smart object layer composition


I would like to suggest a feature for linked smart objects.

I use linked smart objects A LOT.  Nested to sometimes 7 levels deep.  This saves me a lot a RAM while working.

The other reason I am using it, is because it alows me to make a base image and then variations with models, without models, etc.  Of course, the base needs to stay the same.

What would be handy now, is that linked smart object remembers the layer comp that is active for a certain link.  That means that when linked to one image it can have one layer comp active and when used in an other it has an other layer comp active.

Again, this would save a lot of disk space and I think this is fairly easy to implement.

But just an idea ;-)



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3 years ago

This is already implemented.

You just need to select the needed layer comp from the dropdown in the properties panel in the host image.
I'm using this feature many times and i have different smart object layer comp states in different images.