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Tue, Mar 7, 2017 3:56 PM

Linked object moves when using Export As

When I use the Export As function often a linked object will be moved or resized in the exported image. You can see this in the preview below. Left is the artboard with a linked .ai file, right is the Export As window with the logo having moved to the left. Export Artboards to Files does the same thing.

Rasterizing the linked object can fix this, but that negates the advantages of a linked object. There isn't really any other way to export and artboards, so this is a big problem :(




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4 years ago

This is definitely a bug that should be fixed, but I have found that Export-As and the asset generator get really cranky when you have a linked or smart object that is set to a different DPI than the master document... things like layer fx getting doubled in size, etc.

There's a setting you can change in the generator (which Export-As uses) that will change the way it exports smart/linked objects, but it's not default and requires either a generator.js in your user directory or this add-on.

You want to disable "Use Smart Scaling" and enable "Smart Object Pixel Scaling".

Again, not a real solution to the actual problem, but it will at least get you rolling. It just doesn't do so well when you are scaling up vector art, like exporting an @2x version of icons.