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Mon, Sep 2, 2019 9:08 AM

layer comp doesn't record mask density

Layer comps record layer density, but not changes to the layermask density or feather.
Neither PS CS6 or PS CC 2019, so I think it's not a bug. Regard is as a feature request then .


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5 months ago

Still the same in PS CC 21.1.2

Nice that you can now record a Layer Comp setting for SO's in a layer comp, but this one would be kinda nifty as well... 

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2 months ago

[still on 21.1.2]

Finally wanting to majorly leverage Layer Comps, I was flabbergasted this was the case...

My theory is that it was an oversight from the day Mask Density was added?

This might well be the kind of feature/fix that can be done in minutes (just add a parameter in two places?)

This is such a bummer that I consider it a bug...

PLEASE add this "feature," unless there is an important explanation?

Why does hardly anyone even notice or ask for this?