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Mon, Jan 22, 2018 9:30 PM


Lack of accessibility / inclusive features

As a visually impaired photographer and digital artist I find Photoshop very frustrating at times and Adobe's attitude towards accessibility and inclusion quite shocking. I really struggle finding the brush cursor on the screen, especially since moving to an Intuos Pro from a mouse. I appreciate that the brush cursor is adaptive and changes to provide contrast, but that simply is not enough for me and the hundreds of other users who need/want something more.

I'd like to suggest a higher contrast brush cursor. Perhaps allow toggling of a colour fill within the cursor circle? A darker more static outline? Cursor trails? There really are lots of way around this other than doing nothing because it doesn't fit your aesthetic requirements. 


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3 years ago

I think they would do more to make cursors and other finely drawn UI elements (think Color Samplers) more visible to those of us who even don't quite qualify as visually impaired. We have difficulty at times, too. They have started with the improvements to paths, letting the user choose a path width and color suitable for their project. Now to keep going and fix more. . . I do use a Wacom and often wave my stylus about in order to locate the cursor. Amazing how well we can pick up on motion when we can't see the dang thing. <G>

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3 years ago

Maybe you should just dump adobe and use "Gimp"....then you can learn a little bit of code and make your own "inclusive" world.