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Thu, Aug 2, 2018 8:37 AM

Kyle Concept brushes for CS5 and up

I went here  to download brushes for my Cs5 Photoshop got all the brushes except for the Concept brushes. I tried to install after downloading and got this message. I tried it on my kids computer with CS6 it install perfectly.  Kyle states as a fact his brushes work for CS5 and up.
  I need help getting the CS5 and up abr file of the Concept brushes Please your help is much appreciated any links or advice would help. I tried contacting kyle but no reply just yet. I guess he's busy. If you would like my contact is Thank you for your help.



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2 years ago

I don't know when you managed to download his brushes (are you a Creative Cloud member?), but this is what I get from his FAQ page:

"I’m not a Creative Cloud member but I have CS5/CS6 and I want to buy Kyle’s brushes anyway – why can’t I anymore?

The only way to access my brushes is with a Creative Cloud membership. This is a really exciting opportunity for me to provide brushes to the broad Creative Cloud community and allows me to leverage the cloud so that I can make new brushes and improvements to brushes available immediately. And as a Creative Cloud member, you benefit from added resources and updates like these brushes.

Will be closed soon? Can I still purchase brushes from his website? will be closed soon and you will not be able to purchase brushes from my website. My brushes are exclusively available to Creative Cloud members using the MAX release of Photoshop CC. Paid members will be able to access brushes via the Photoshop brush menu option."

His brushes were rewritten to take advantage of the recent improvements to the way PS handles brushes and brush tools. If he's not making the older sets available anymore, you could be locked out as well by the types of brushes his Concept set contains, such as Mixer brushes saved with Options bar settings, etc.