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Sat, Aug 15, 2020 10:50 AM


Just one question: Why not Photoshop on android?

Hi, just one question: 
How about Photoshop on android?
Photoshop is available on IOS, but why not on android, I really don't understand...
Yes, maybe apple products are potentially better to do photo retouching for example with photoshop and pencil.
But why block, censor and do nothing more...
 You have to create a version of photoshop on android, lightroom exists on android, rush also so why not photoshop, there really needs explanations !

Thank you in advance for all your answers and we hope it will change !
Arnaud Haenel


in French in case

Bonjour, juste une question : 
Que pensez-vous de Photoshop sur android ?
Photoshop est disponible sur IOS, mais pourquoi pas sur android, je ne comprends vraiment pas...
Oui, peut-être que les produits apple sont potentiellement meilleurs pour faire de la retouche photo par exemple avec photoshop et crayon.
Mais pourquoi bloquer, censurer et ne rien faire de plus...
 Il faut créer une version de photoshop sur android, lightroom existe sur android, dépêchez-vous aussi alors pourquoi pas photoshop, il y a vraiment besoin d'explications !

Merci d'avance pour toutes vos réponses et nous espérons que cela va changer !
Arnaud Haenel

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3 months ago

Well, one point that may be relevant - Apple are moving to ARM processors for their desktops/laptops.

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3 months ago

There is no block, censor or anything like that. Like you say yourself: Lightroom mobile is available on Android too. Photoshop for Android will probably just be a matter of time.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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3 months ago

I guess because Android is too complicated with its many versions, due to Android fragmentation. Great read here - This will definitely impact, as PS(iOS) is still in its development stages so to create and test the build on every iteration of Android will be a task. So I guess they chose a standard to build on. Just my theory.  

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3 months ago

Jerry's answer is  the correct one.