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Thu, Mar 5, 2020 10:44 AM

It is not possible to create a perfect gradient

It is not possible to create a gradient over a distance of 256 pixel that has a different greyscale value for each pixel. This behaviour cannot be changed with the "Dither" checkbox. I would suggest to implement another checkbox called "Pixel Perfect" (or similar) which will do what you would expect: get the distance of the gradient, divide it through the number of values to blend and distribute them equally. So, with such an option I would expect a 256 pixel gradient with black and white to have an incremental increase of greyscale values by 1 per pixel.


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1 y ago

I have often seen posterization in gradients created in PS. Many have used noise to smooth them or create in 16 bit can help. I assume there is a quantization error that moves some pixels up or down in luminosity.

My old solution was to create them in Live Picture and use that file as a layer.