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Wed, Mar 11, 2020 2:35 PM

Invisible line bug

I am using photoshop for digital painting. Recently I noticed that there is an invisible line going through all of my canvas that causes my brushes to ''break'' against it. 
This line seems to be consistently at the bottom third part of my canvas and moves with it. (I checked to make sure it was not just a problem with my display.)

Exporting the image or viewing it out of photoshop fixes the problem (it appears only to be a visual bug) but is still incredibly inconvenient when trying to paint/sketch on this app. 
I am working with a 4983x 3893px canvas at 300ppi. I need a fix for this or else I'm going over to Clip Studio. 




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1 y ago

Hi Bruno,
We're sorry your experiencing this weird issue.  Have you tried
disabling Preferences -> Performance -> Use Graphics Processor
enabling Preferences -> Perforamnce -> Legacy Compositing?