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Fri, Mar 6, 2020 7:15 PM

Installer won't import settings from older version

When an old version of Photoshop is installed and I update it to a newer version everything works as expected and I get asked if I want to import the settings of the currently installed version (and if I want to remove the currently installed version).
But when I uninstall Photoshop, choose to NOT remove the settings, then install a newer version of Photoshop (usually, because I didn't use Photoshop for a while) I won't get asked if I want to import the settings which are still in my user folder.

My current workaround is to install the last version I used, make sure the settings from the newer versions are removed (just deleting them from my user folder), and then update Photoshop to the newer version.
But a workaround shouldn't be a solution.

While I only tested this with Photoshop I'm pretty sure this is not a Photoshop specific problem and rather a problem with the Creative Cloud app.


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