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Mon, Dec 16, 2019 2:02 PM


Installer needs to check for issues before installing an application

Installer needs to check for issues before installing an application.

I had serious issues with the latest Photoshop upgrade, and It boiled down to Photoshop 2020 being too sensitive to driver issues. My driver was not seriously outdated, just one revision behind (and my computer is new and loaded for heavy graphics use). There was susch a small difference in the driver revision that the update software supplied by Dell did not see it as a critical performance issue. The previous version of Photoshop worked PERFECTLY with the drivers I was using. Never an issue. In fact, this is the first time I have had a Photoshop upgrade issue involving graphics drivers.

If an upgrade to something as pervasive as Photoshop comes out, it really should be less sensitive to drivers that are just one or two revisions behind.

Or, it should check for driver issues at the beginning of the install process and provide a warning about drivers that will no longer work with the software.


I have installed software from other manufacturers that do it, and it saves huge amounts of time and hassle. I figure my losses for the 4 hours it took to figure out the problem at close to $1000.00.

If you can make your installer a little more robust or the software just a little less picky - or both - that would be awesome


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