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Sat, Mar 13, 2021 12:27 PM

Impossible rotate clone-stamp-tool-shortcuts in spanish keyboards

Hi!! I've a big problem, I'm tired to use "The Clone Source Palette" to rotate the Clone Source.

On english version you have a great shortcut:

Hold Alt (Mac: Option) Shift < or > to rotate the Clone Source.


In spanish version we don't have these shorcuts. And if I put photoshop on english I have a keyboard problem... The keyboard have < and > on the same key, then I only can rotate in one direction...


I look for this in Edition/shortcuts and later
in ...en_US\Support Files\Shortcuts\Win\Default Keyboard Shortcuts
But the shorcuts for this funtion doesn't exist!!! Why???

Please! Spanish users deserve a solution.


PD: the same for scale (or any shortcut that use similar "problem key"):

Hold Alt (Mac: Option) Shift {  or } to scale the Clone Source.





Thanks for reading!




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1 m ago

The issue of lacking customisability of keyboard shortcuts for non-english keyboards has come up before.