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Mon, Feb 4, 2019 10:42 AM


IDEA: Photoshop Document Naming

I'm using latest PS CC.  It would be really useful to be able to right click on the tab of an open document in Photoshop to rename it, rather than having to Save As, or switch windows to Finder.  It would be quite an intuitive thing to use - in fact, I assumed I could, but it doesn't work....




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2 years ago

A document name means nothing if it only exist in Photoshop. You will have to save the document to disk -with that name- to let it make any sense.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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2 years ago

> Photoshop to rename it, rather than having to Save As, or switch windows to Finder. >

I'm not sure what's happening when you rename it? Are you suggesting it overwrite the file on disk with the new name, so that would be an automatic save of the current document state? That opens a can of worms. Raw files can't be saved with new names overwriting them, and it would be potentially destructive to originals in other formats. Like Mr. Elzenga, I can't see how a command can rename a file on disk without saving that file TO disk.

I also assume that if you rename it (saving it to disk as it would have to be),  you would not bring up a dialog letting the user save it to another folder, because that defeats the "shortcut" you're making out of renaming/saving  in order to avoid the Save As dialog. IOW, to be a shortcut to the normal process, you'd have to save to the same location. But a lot of workflows separate the original from the in progress  document, and even save that separately from the final document for output.

So wouldn't this be a very limited, special use feature, where the user wanted to overwrite the original, non-raw file and wanted the file in progress to exist in the same folder where the original was, but no longer will be?

I'm not even clear why you assumed you could rename a file like you rename a layer in Photoshop? Is there some application that works this way? Or were you just having trouble distinguishing IMG_3270 from IMG_3273 when tabbed without looking at them, and you really were thinking of how renaming layers helps us identify content at a glance? In which case, maybe a batch rename before you bring them into Photoshop might be the real answer, if arranging your windows isn't helpful enough?