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Thu, Feb 7, 2019 1:00 AM

Idea: Liquify in Photoshop allows users to remember 'Show Backdrop' settings

Problem: At the moment when Liquify is opened in Photoshop the options within the 'Show Backdrop', the 'Use' and 'Mode' settings are set to their defaults each time and must always be changed manually.

Solution: Allow users to save their own defaults so nothing needs to be changed everytime liquify is opened. Eg. For a retoucher they may have in 'Use' the option to type out a layer they always want selected eg 'Retouch notes'  and in Mode choose 'Infront' so they can simultaneously retouch and check the guidelines for an image.

In an E-commerce retouching studio often over 80 PSD's are being worked on a day all coming with identical layers. For example this could be the 'background layer' and a layer with text and sketching called the 'Retouch notes' as a guideline for what to do. Each time in Liquify the retoucher is having to manually select 'retouch notes' in the use section and  'infront' in the mode section. 

In a fast paced working environment it would make a big difference to the overall daily workflow pace if this subtle change of saving settings within the 'show backdrop' section of liquify was implemented.

Thank you.

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