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Thu, Jul 26, 2018 2:14 AM

I want to be able to move every image in Photoshop individually without having to constantly switch layers. Please help.

I am creating a mood board for a class and wish to be able to move around every image within it individually without having to switch between layers. When I flatten or merge the image every single photo moves at once. The same goes for when I select multiple layers. Is there a way to move between each image individually without constantly switching, in the same way you select whatever image you wish to move in word or powerpoint? I am relatively new to Photoshop in case you couldn't tell.  


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3 y ago

You can have multiple layers and just hold your mouse cursor down on the image you want to move then move it.  You do not have to go to the Layers Pallet to make your selection.

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3 y ago

Make sure you have the box "Auto Select" checked and the drop down menu next to it set to Layer.



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3 y ago

If you want to click-select an image to move, set the Auto-Select on like Marco said. To find it you need to have the Move tool active and that option bar will be up at the top under the other menus... That will auto-select whatever is under your mouse whenever you try to drag, instead of dragging what's selected in the layers panel.

I recommend turning it off and, with the Move Tool , you can hold Ctrl key and that check-box will toggle back on as long as you hold that key down... so you can hold Ctrl to enable click-select, then release it to move the thing you selected. 

I do not know of any way to to drag-select a bunch of images on the screen, but I do know how you can move all of your images at once or individually without having to continually re-select them from the layers panel. Put them in a "Group". Then you can select the group from the layers panel and it will move everything inside.

Select all of the image layers in the image panel and click on the little folder icon at the bottom of the layers panel to wrap them all up in a new Group. 

Here's an article about CS6, but it works the same...

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Control on the Mac is for the right mouse button. It should be Command as the Mac equivalent.