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Sat, Oct 5, 2019 12:53 AM


Hue Sat For Multiple Layers

I would love the ability to do a hue/sat or any kind of color adjustment to multiple layers the same way you can by using "adjustment layers"

----------------------------------Side Note---------------------

.It would also be great to be able to use the marque select tool and transform and adjust multiple layers within that selection instead of only the layer your on. Like for example  if I make a square selection, anything within that square can moved around based on which layers I highlighted, rather than just the layer Im on. Would be super helpful, for like lets say your painting a character who is comprised of many layers, shading, highlights ect,, but instead of being forced to flatten that character and all that detail you can preserve your layers and move the characters arm around for example without having to flatten.

just suggestions that I feel would be powerful.


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a year ago

Group the layers then add them or marquee select while highlighting multiple layers? Possible workarounds for now.

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a year ago

I am with you on the side note. Waiting for this possibility for years. I guess if they make this work, your first suggestion is a piece of cake to add to it. Grouping and using adjustment layers inside the group is my go-to way, though. Granted you put the group on "normal" instead of "pass through" to keep the adjustments inside:)