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Wed, Mar 30, 2011 10:26 PM

How do I reproduce this effect in Photoshop?

Does any know how to make affliction type of designs through photoshop?


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10 years ago

There's no easy shortcut to creating these designs. There are a few different techniques at work here, but the core seems to be something like a woodcut print. Basically, you would take the visual element you want to use and apply a contrast or threshold filter to it to create the stark black and white look. There are a number of tutorials on the web if you search for "woodcut photoshop."
Check out this one:
Around step 10 they show you how to use Threshold. You might have to apply the effect multiple times, on different layer copies of the image, in order to get the right level of detail over the whole element. For example, the inside of the lion's mouth would probably go to black when you're setting the threshold to capture all the detail in the mane. So you'd make a copy of the lion before the filter and run it at a different setting for the mouth, then blend the two layer together.
After you get your design elements looking the way you want, the rest of the artist's technique seems to involve just making copies of elements and flipping them to lay them out in a symmetrical pattern. You can find flipping commands under Edit>Transform.
Cool art, thanks for sharing.

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10 years ago

Since this isn't a feature request or bug report, your question would probably get more attention and detailed responses on the user to user forums for the product (Photoshop, Elements, etc.) you are using.