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Thu, Dec 21, 2017 5:36 AM

How can I put an image inside the letter O?

I am wanting to put an image inside the letter O, how can I go about doing this?


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3 years ago

The simpler way to do this is:

 1) Type the letter;
 2) Place the image above the letter;
 3) Hold the ALT key and click between the two layers (the image and the letter O);
 4) The image will be clipped by the contour of the letter;
 5) Link or group the two layers if you want to move them together.

That works with any opaque content in the layer below. It can be a shape, a letter, a word etc.

Good luck!



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I don't think that will work they way the OP intended. What this will do is fill the letter itself (so let's say the 'borders' of the 'o') with the image. The inside area of the 'o' will remain empty however, because that part is not opaque. And that is exactly what the OP wants to fill with image, at least that is what I assume.

If what I assume is correct, then a clipping mask won't work. You will have to create a layer mask for the image layer. Select the image area that shows inside the 'o'. Then add a layer mask (click the Add Layer Mask icon in the Layers panel) with this selection active.

Johan W. Elzenga,